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The FileMaker DevCon 2012 is almost a week behind us, so it’s time for a look back. For me this DevCon felt as the most exciting ever.


The most feedback
Our 8 butlers didn’t want to miss any of the sessions, so we didn’t have a booth on the exhibitors floor, although we were a sponsor this year. In-between sessions we had a lot of time to talk with our existing user base and new potential customers. We received tons of feedback and new ideas for future releases. This was more than we had hoped for. We wish to thank all of you for that.

The most expensive
To say that the Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach is a very glamourous and exclusive venue, is an understatement. This landmark is a hot spot for celebrities and was a host for several movies, television series, fashion shows and this year the prestigious FileMaker DevCon. The atmosphere is fantastic, but there is a downside: the venue was really expensive. So expensive that every small sip of water cost you a dollar. Then again, you'd get exclusive, pure water, flown over directly from the Norwegion woods. This made this DevCon probably the most expensive one ever.

The most impressive
This must have been the DevCon with the most “Under The Hood” sessions. The more sessions you follow, the more you realize how huge the release of FileMaker 12 is.
The new container field alone contains 60 new features. Together with the new layouting possibilties, executeSQL, FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, this is by far the most impressive release ever. And this is only the beginning...

The most unexpected
Every year, we are looking forward to the annual FBA awards dinner. It’s one of those rare moments in the year, when you can have a chat with other fellow FBA members from all over the world in a relaxed environment, with a nice dinner and a glass of good wine. Receiving the Mad Dog PR Award, was the last thing I had expected. I wish to thank the FileMaker team for this recognition.

See you all next year in San Diego at the next most exciting FileMaker DevCon...

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