myFMbutler PrinterSwitch 3.0 brings 64-bit support

January 27th, 2016

We're pleased to release version 3 of our PrinterSwitch plug-in, adding support for Windows 10, along with support for 64-bit FileMaker Pro 14.

About PrinterSwitch 3.0

myFMbutler PrinterSwitch is a FileMaker Pro plug-in for Windows and OS X that allows you to easily control printer switching from within your FileMaker solutions. Moreover, PrinterSwitch also allows automatic PDF creation from within FileMaker Runtime Solutions without the need for a 3rd party PDF printer driver.
• switches printers on the fly from within your FileMaker application.
• sends dynamic FileMaker output to PDF, using the filename and location of your choice
• selects any printer driver that is installed on your system
• captures printer settings like page orientation, paper size etc. and restores them at the time of printing

What is new in version 3.0?

• Full support for 64-bit architecture on both OS X and Windows
• Now integrates new version 5.0 of the Amyuni PDF driver.
• Full support for Microsoft Windows 10

System Requirements

• FileMaker Pro 14 or FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced (64-bit version only)
• Mac OS X 10.10.5 or higher
• Microsoft Windows 10
• Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium

Pricing and availability

myFMbutler PrinterSwitch 3 is available today. PrinterSwitch 3 prices start at EUR 59,- (about USD 63,-) for a single user version for Windows and OS X. Multi-user and developer versions are also available. The upgrade is available for EUR 35,- (about USD 37,-) for a single user license. Check our web site for multi-user upgrade pricing.

A demo version of PrinterSwitch 3.0 is available for download on the myFMbutler web site.

Come and join us in Las Vegas

July 15th, 2015

Exactly 10 years ago myFMbutler attended FileMaker Devcon for the first time. Today we are still looking forward to this yearly tradition of meeting customers and gathering at the bar with fellow developers and FileMaker staff.

2015 has been already an exciting year for myFMbutler. We became part of Lesterius, with offices in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. We welcomed FMCalendar, a graphical calendar for FileMaker 14, and brought you some exciting product updates. You can expect more exciting news from us in the coming months with several new product releases.

Like previous years, we will have our own booth at FileMaker Devcon, in the mundane Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. You may want to drop by the booth to get a demo of one of our products.
If you see one of our butlers (yes, you can recognize us by the black shirt with the colorful puzzle pieces), don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us any question you may have. Nothing gets us more excited than exchanging ideas.

Vendor Session

We would also like to invite you to our vendor session on Tuesday the 21st of July at 10:45 AM, just after the opening keynote. In this session we will be showing you the new features of two of our products. Clip Manager has been created by FileMaker developers for FileMaker developers. This program makes the development of FileMaker solutions easier and quicker. Danny De Vylder will show you the basics and highlight the new functionalities. FMCalendar on the other hand, helps end users of FileMaker solutions with the management of their events, to do’s, appointments, … and all this with a look and feel they are used to. Loïc Eeckhout will demonstrate FMCalendar. This session is for newbies, hardcore developers and FileMaker gurus alike!

Win a license for all of our products!

If you drop by the booth or participate in our vendor session, you will receive a piece of our FileMaker Devcon Puzzle. At the end of the Devcon, we will do a raffle.
The winning puzzle piece will receive a license* for every product in our myFMbutler range, , more than 1000 Euro’s worth.
Can’t make it the Devcon? No worries, we still have our “25% off” special.

(* myFMbutler AutoSender 4.0 license, Clip Manager 5 for Mac 1 user license, Clip Manager Express for Windows 1 user license, FMCalendar Single Site license, DoSQL 2.0 Site License, eID 3.0 1 user license, PrinterSwitch 1 user license Mac, PrinterSwitch 1 user license Windows)

25% OFF

Until the 23rd of August 2015, both attendees and non-attendees can get a 25% discount on all our products. Just use the promo code DEVCON15 when placing on order on our web site.
We hope to see you all in Las Vegas or on one of the European conferences later this year!

The myFMbutler Team

Hurray, FileMaker 14 is here!

May 13th, 2015

Yesterday FileMaker announced the release of FileMaker 14. We, at myFMbutler, are really excited with this new release.

The new version of WebDirect is a real game changer. Not only does it bring FileMaker to other mobile platforms, such as the Android platform, but with the speed improvements it brings the experience of the desktop to the browser. The new Script Workspace and calculation window are one of the most striking changes in the FileMaker Pro client. However, the client has tons of small improvements and changes, which we will discover and enjoy the next few weeks.

With the release of the FileMaker 14 platform, myFMbutler is releasing several product updates and more is to come in the near future.

AutoSender 4

AutoSender 4 is a tool that runs on FileMaker Server, and allows you to automatically send mail messages from your FileMaker solutions. It supports both HTML and Text mail.

AutoSender also supports automatic sending of faxes or text messages through the use of a third party fax or texting service.

This new release is optimised for FileMaker Server 14, both remains compatible with older FileMaker versions. AutoSender 4 is available on our web site today.

Clip Manager 5 for Mac

We are pleased to announce that Clip Manager 5 is available today.

Clip Manager is an application that allows you to store FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps, custom functions and layouts in an easy-to-use library.

You can copy and store objects that have been copied to FileMaker's own clipboard, and then reuse them later.

You can also easily make batch changes to the clippings in Clip Manager or in your preferred text editor, and then send the updated field, script or layout back to FileMaker's clipboard.

This new version brings full support for FileMaker Pro 14. It includes support for themes, retina displays, Yosemite and much more ...

Clip Manager 5 is available on our web site today.

DoScript 4

DoScript is a free FileMaker Pro plug-in for Windows and Mac that allows you to easily trigger scripts from within the FileMaker calculation engine. This new version brings 64-bit support and is compatible with FileMaker Pro 14.

DoScript 4 is available on our web site today.

64-bit: Help, the plug-ins don't load!

FileMaker Pro 14 is now a 64-bit application. This means that the plug-ins you use need to be 64-bit as wel. Most of our plug-ins are already 64-bit, but some are not ready yet and it takes more time to do the transition.

Does it mean you can't upgrade to FileMaker Pro 14 because one of your plug-ins is not 64-bit ready?
No, FileMaker has planned for this, and you can run or install your FileMaker Pro client in 32-bit mode too.

Check out our list of compatible plug-ins:

Plug-in 64-bit mode 32-bit mode
DoScript 4
Clip Manager Helper Plug-in
PrinterSwitch 2*
Clip Manager Bridge plug-in (Clip Manager 4)

* We expect an update of PrinterSwitch this summer.
** eID will be updated when there is better 64-bit support of the eID Middleware.

myFMbutler welcomes FMCalendar

March 3rd, 2015

Great news today! SHpartners, our mothership, merged with La Source multimédia, a French FileMaker developer.
Together they have become Lesterius. myFMbutler is now part of the Lesterius Group.

myFMbutler will remain your platform for all FileMaker add-ons, tools and plug-ins. However, the merger also means myFMbutler will be able to enhance and extend its product portfolio in the future.


Day ViewToday we are already welcome FMcalendar, a graphical calendar for FileMaker 13.

FMCalendar doesn't require plug-ins or external web resources to work and that runs on FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro and FileMaker WebDirect.

FMCalendar is the coolest way to manage and render events in your FileMaker database. You can manage as many calendars as you want and interact with the graphic rendering on your event's data. A true iCal user experience in your database.

Simple and documented code. Only 5 tables, 1 layout, few custom functions and calculated fields. Just copy and paste FM Calendar into your solution or link your database to FM Calendar. And with a little knowledge of HTML/CSS, you can customize the display.

More information can be found on our website.

FileMaker Hosting

Since April 16th 2013, we have been offering FileMaker hosting services. All FileMaker Hosting will now be handled by FM Connection.

FM Connection is a division of the Lesterius Group and offers various hosting packages, fully tailored to your needs.

Check the FM Connection website for more information about their hosting plans.

We are really exited about this merger. We are now expanding our developer network in Europe and this will undoubtedly create some great opportunities and surely some nice new products.

We hope to get back to you soon with more news.

myFMbutler will again be attending DevCon in July and hope to meet some of you there.

Presentation of AutoSender at FileMaker DevCon 2014

August 7th, 2014

On Wednesday the 30th of July 2014, Bart van Baren and Loïc Eeckhout showed you how to do mass mailings in FileMaker 13 with the help of myFMbutler's AutoSender. Read the rest of this entry »

FileMaker DevCon 2014: 25% Off Special

July 28th, 2014

FileMaker DevCon, one of those yearly traditions. And we are very excited. As in previous years, myFMbutler will have a booth where we will be showcasing our products.

Git and FileMaker 13

On Wednesday July 30 at 10:45, Brian Schick (Beezwax) and Darren Burgess (Mighty Data) are giving an Unconference Session on Git and FileMaker. Darren will be demoing how he uses clip manager and git to version FileMaker resources and share them with Git Hub.
You can find Darren's Git on

More info ...

Mass Mailing in FileMaker 13

On Wednesday July 30 at 10:45, Loïc Eeckhout and Bart van Baren will host a session about mass mailing with FileMaker 13.

With FileMaker 13, we get many new features to work and play with, but sending a mass mailing, like a newsletter, to hundreds or thousands of clients remains tricky. AutoSender from myFMbutler is a solution to that problem. It is compatible with the FileMaker Platform 13 and with Custom Web Publishing solutions. Sending an email with multiple attachments or sending a fax or SMS are made easy with AutoSender. It is a must have for almost every FileMaker Pro solution!

25% discount on all our products for attendees and non-attendees

To celebrate this annual FileMaker fest, myFMbutler is offering a 25% discount on all our products.
 Just use the promo code DEVCON14 when placing an order on our web site. The promo code is valid until August 31, 2014.

¿Habla español?

January 27th, 2014

Today we announced the immediate availability of Clip Manager Express 1.1. for Windows.
myFMbutler Clip Manager Express 1.1 for Windows brings support for FileMaker Pro 13 and welcomes the Spanish-speaking FileMaker community!

myFMbutler’s Clip Manager Express was already available in Japanese via FMGateway ( ). With version 1.1 we also welcome the Spanish-speaking community. The Spanish-language version of myFMbutler Clip Manager Express will be distributed and supported by Severin Studio (

What is new?

• Compatible with FileMaker Pro 13
• Spanish version
• Faster and optimized XML editor

About Clip Manager Express

myFMbutler's Clip Manager Express is a program that allows you to store FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps, custom functions and layout objects in an easy-to-use library. You can copy and store objects that have been copied to FileMaker's own clipboard, and then re-use them later.
You can also easily make batch changes to the clippings, and then send the updated field, script, custom function or layout back to FileMaker's clipboard

myFMbutler product compatibility with FileMaker Pro 13

December 3rd, 2013

Today FileMaker Inc. released FileMaker Pro 13. This must be one of the biggest releases in FileMaker's history.
We are very excited with this new release.

Below you'll find some information regarding compatibility of the myFMbutler products with FileMaker Pro 13.

It is important to ensure you are using the latest versions of our products. Download the latest versions here.

Read the rest of this entry »

Be prepared for Mavericks!

October 28th, 2013

Apple released Mavericks last week, the new version of Mac OS X. We tested all of our products to inform you about the compatibility with Mavericks. We are happy to tell you that almost all of our products run on Mavericks, except for eID & SiS. We are working on an update to fix this as soon as possible.

Working with Mavericks:

  • AutoSender
  • ClipManager 4.x
  • DoScript
  • DoSQL 2.0
  • PrinterSwitch

Not compatible with Mavericks yet:

  • eID & SiS (we're working on an update)

DoSQL demonstrated at FileMaker Devcon 2013

August 22nd, 2013

On Thursday the 15th of August, Koen Van Hulle hosted a session about SQL in FileMaker 12 at FileMaker Devcon in San Diego. This session gives you an insight of FileMaker's FQL engine (no, this is not a typo), and the differences between FileMaker's built-in ExecuteSQL function and the plug-in API.

You can find the slides of this presentation below.