myFMbutler product compatibility with FileMaker Pro 12

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As you probably noticed, FileMaker Inc. released FileMaker Pro 12 yesterday. We are very excited with this new release.
Below you'll find some information regarding compatibility of the myFMbutler products with FileMaker Pro 12.

It is important that you ensure you are using the latest versions of our products. Download the latest versions here.

myFMbutler Clip Manager 4.1 for Mac
Compatible: Yes
Known issues: none
Note: If you are still using version 4.0, please upgrade to version 4.1. myFMbutler Clip Manager 4.1 is a free update for 4.0 users.

myFMbutler Clip Manager 3.1 for Windows
Compatible: No
Known issues: n/a
Note: Within a couple of weeks, we will release "Clip Manager Express for Windows". This version will be compatible with FileMaker Pro 12.

doSQL 1.4
Compatible: Yes
Known issues: none

eID & SIS 2.2
Compatible: Yes
Known issues: none
Note: Not compatible with the eID 4.0 middleware

PrinterSwitch 2.0
Compatible: Yes
Known issues: none

AutoSender 3
Compatible: Partially
Known issues:
- JDBC is not supported
- Due to the new container behavior, attachments stored in container fields are not sent.
Note: We will soon release a free maintenance update.

Reporting Issues
If you have issues with one of our products, please contact us via our support forum:

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