PrinterSwitch 2.1 now available

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We're pleased to release version 2.1 of our PrinterSwitch plug-in. This plug-in allows you to more easily manage printers in your FileMaker solutions.


You can download the new version from our downloads page.

What's new in this version ?

1° New variables in PrSw_PrintSetup

Based on user feedback, we found quite a number of people wanted users to be able to make changes after a PrSw_PrintSetup ("restore|…") had been selected.In this version there is now a new variable that you can optionally call after using the PrSw_PrintSetup ("restore|…") to determine whether a user can override the restored setup or not:
Will ignore any possible changes a user will make as long as the restore is active, i.e. as long as you haven't called PrSw_PrintSetup("reset").
Does allow the user to make changes in either the Page Setup or Print dialog after a PrSw_PrintSetup ("restore|…) - we chose to now make this the default setting.

2° PrSw_PrintDialog("disable") and ("enable") now also on Mac OS X

We found a number of people had problems with the preview not refreshing correctly after performing a restore. In order to also solve this on Mac OS X, we have now implemented the PrSw_PrintDialog("disable") and PrSw_PrintDialog("enable") functions in the same way as they were available on Windows.If you now use the following sequence, the Preview should look fine:

Set Variable [dummy; PrSw_PrintDialog("disable")]
Print Setup[]
Set Variable [dummy; PrSw_PrintDialog("enable")]
Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

This procedure will "trick" FileMaker so that it thinks the page setup dialog has been shown, and thus it will pick up the changed setup.

3° Now integrates new version 4.5 of the Amyuni PDF driver (Windows)

• WHQL Testing and Certification for 32 and 64-bit Windows 2008 and Windows 7
• Improved performance and compatibility with 64-bit applications

4° Compressed printer data strings

Captured printer data will now be compressed on both Windows and Mac OS X to improve restore performance.

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