DoSQL 1.4 for FileMaker Pro 11 released

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This is a simultaneous release of DoSQL 1.4 for FileMaker Pro 11 and DoSQL 1.3.1 for FileMaker Pro 10 and earlier.
Version 1.3.1 uses the older FileMaker SQL engine, version 1.4 uses the new engine in FileMaker Pro 11.

About some of the changes in this version:

  • 1.4 solves the problems under FileMaker 11 with SQL statements that feed the result of a SELECT into an INSERT
  • Fields starting with an underscore "_" have to be quoted
    e.g. mFMb_DoSQL ( "select \"_k1\" from myTable" )

  • Number values cannot be quoted: if you have a number field, you cannot write or update it with a single-quoted value. '1' is forbidden, 1 is OK. Use NULL for empty fields.
  • Date, time and timestamp fields have to be casted. Simply single quoting a date doesn't work anymore. It's good practice to replace a single quoted date with
    "CAST ( " & mFMb_DoSQL_Quote ( Year ( theParameter ) & "-" & Month ( theParameter ) & "-" & Day ( theParameter) ) & " AS DATE )" in a custom function.

  • Error reporting with the new engine is different. The new engine now returns error values 8309, 8310 and sometimes a few others. The first indicating a semantics error, the other a syntax error. There is also additional error reporting in the FM11 SQL engine. You can get that information using the mFMb_DoSQL_lastresult function. A list of the possible FQL errors is included in the DoSQL download.
  • For more details about the new SQL engine and the SQL statements that are supported, please refer to the FileMaker documentation available here.

    More information is available on the DoSQL product page.

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