PrinterSwitch 2.0.1 Update released

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We just released PrinterSwitch 2.0.1. This is mainly a bug fix update.

What's new ?

  • Solves an issue where the "Print Setup" script step was not working properly
  • Fixed bug with FileMaker 11 record selection dialog - when using capture and restore, you can now determine whether to print the "Current record" or "all "Records being browsed"" by using "Specify print options" in the "Print" script step. When using a restore, PrinterSwitch will only use the FileMaker record selection data defined in the "Specify print options" - all other (FileMaker 11) printer information will be ignored
  • [Mac OS X] Fixed bug with manual printing and "Save as PDF". You can now create PDFs manually, even when PrinterSwitch has selected a printer. You can now even capture and restore "Save as PDF…", although the PDF name is not variable.
  • [Windows] Solved privilege related issues on Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008.
  • [Windows] Should no longer require changes to DEP settings

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