How to create clickable hyperlinks within a text field

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This example demonstrates how you can automatically create clickable hyperlinks in a text field. In the example, text in a standard text field references dictionary items that are contained in a separate 'Dictionary' table.

Using a combination of the DoScript trigger plug-in and a custom function, you can make sure that all text in the text field that has a corresponding entry in the dictionary table will become a clickable hyperlink (blue & underlined). Clicking the link will then show the dictionary details.

This example requires the myFMbutler DoScript plug-in.
Download the myFMbutler DoScript plug-in here.

Download the example file.

2 Responses to “How to create clickable hyperlinks within a text field”

  1. jbarnum Says:

    That’s a really cool trick. I never knew that the record level permissions would trigger by simply clicking into a field!

  2. smphoto Says:

    I have tried this and it works great. However, is there a way to make the text field scollable so that you can read and click a link that is not visible in the top part of the window?

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