Clip Manager 101: Share your Clips part III

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In our previous blog posts, we looked at how you can share your clips via a shared folder on your local network, or via Subversion both locally or over the internet. But there's another easy way to share your clips with your fellow FileMaker buddies over the Internet, without any complex setup: enter Dropbox and SugarSync.


Many people are already using a backup and file sharing service like Dropbox or Sugarsync.

The way this works is the following: you install Dropbox or Sugarsync on all clients where you want to access to your shared data. These clients can be Mac OS X or Windows, Linux (Dropbox only), iPhone or Android (Sugarsync only). Dropbox has a folder (by default called 'Dropbox') that is automatically synchronized across all devices. For SugarSync, this folder is callled 'Magic Briefcase'.

This is also an ideal way to share Clip Manager clips.


Just create a clips folder in your 'Dropbox' folder or your 'Magic Briefcase' and point to that folder from your Clip Manager Preferences (see image above). That's it! All your changes will now automatically propagate to all computers you have defined in your setup.

Both services also allow access via a web browser, as shown below. From the browser interface you can also get access to older versions of the same file, share a particular file or folder with someone who is not a Dropbox or Sugarsync user etc.


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