myFMbutler products and FileMaker 10 compatibility

We wanted to give everyone an update on the compatibility status of our products with FileMaker 10:

Initial testing of our plug-ins (DoSQL, DoScript, PrinterSwitch), have not shown any compatibility issues with the FileMaker 10 platform.

AutoSender 2.5 also seems to work fine with FileMaker Server 10, although we'll be providing a small update that will integrate a new JDBC driver by February.

Clip Manager 3 does have some issues for people trying to 'Get' or 'Set' a custom function with FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced. We will be releasing version 3.1 later this month. This version will also provide a number of other fixes.

We also recently found issues (unrelated to FM10) when using the 'Copy to Clip Manager' function on Brian Dunning's CF web site. Starting with a certain build of Flash 9 and all builds of Flash 10, the copying no longer works. We are currently working on a fix and hope to provide it by next week (actually, we already fixed it today).

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