Clip Manager 3 sneak preview shown at FM Summit

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At the FM Summit 2008 last weekend, the first FileMaker conference for the Dutch-speaking FileMaker community, myFMbutler gave a sneak preview of version 3 of Clip Manager.

The product is being rewritten from the ground up, and will feature a completely new interface. Some of the highlights in version 3: it will be a cross-platform Mac OS X and Windows application, will offer better ways to organize your clips, offer smart folders for the Clip History, and will offer color-coding of the clips.

A public beta is expected by DevCon 2008.

If you would like to become a beta tester, just send an e-mail to

2 Responses to “Clip Manager 3 sneak preview shown at FM Summit”

  1. genevieve.charbon Says:

    Hi, Terrific news.

    Please, please, please. Add applecsriptability to set to fill the content, and thent “set” it.

    It will revolutionize the use of clip manager !

  2. info Says:

    We heard you! The latest build of Clip Manager 3 adds AppleScript functionality. We still need to update the help file. In the meantime, check the AppleScript dictionary for info.

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