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Speed up your conditional formatting

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Conditional formatting is a great tool to enhance your layouts and add additional functionality to your solutions, e.g. for calendaring. But sometimes conditional formatting can slow down the display of your layouts, because FileMaker has to calculate all the conditions you have defined. Today we are going to look at a technique that allows you to speed up your calculations by caching some results temporarily.


Google App Engine and FileMaker

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Google App Engine and FileMaker

Today, we are in for a little experiment. Since Google introduced its App Engine, we thought it would be nice to see how easily we could integrate it with FileMaker.

We are going to create a very simple example that will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Showing a list of all our contacts
  • Showing the details for a specific contact
  • Handle errors if you are trying to access an unexisting contact


Clip Manager 3 sneak preview shown at FM Summit

Monday, April 14th, 2008

At the FM Summit 2008 last weekend, the first FileMaker conference for the Dutch-speaking FileMaker community, myFMbutler gave a sneak preview of version 3 of Clip Manager.

The product is being rewritten from the ground up, and will feature a completely new interface. Some of the highlights in version 3: it will be a cross-platform Mac OS X and Windows application, will offer better ways to organize your clips, offer smart folders for the Clip History, and will offer color-coding of the clips.

A public beta is expected by DevCon 2008.

If you would like to become a beta tester, just send an e-mail to

myFMbutler sponsors FM Summit 2008

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

We will be present as a sponsor at the FM Summit 2008, this weekend from April 11-13 in Antwerp, Belgium.

It is the first FileMaker conference for the Dutch-speaking FileMaker community.

More info at (dutch only).