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PrinterSwitch and “Data Execution Prevention” on Windows

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Lately we have been getting regular reports from people experiencing a problem when trying to use PrinterSwitch on systems with Windows Server 2003/2008 or Windows Vista (and 7).

After running the installer, and starting FileMaker, the PrinterSwitch plug-in is not automatically enabled. Manually trying to enable it generates an error message "myFMbutler PrinterSwitch could not be enabled".

This problem is caused by certain security settings of the above versions of Windows, by a feature that's called "Data Execution Prevention".

To correct the settings, do the following:

myFMbutler products and FileMaker 10 compatibility

Friday, January 9th, 2009

We wanted to give everyone an update on the compatibility status of our products with FileMaker 10:

Initial testing of our plug-ins (DoSQL, DoScript, PrinterSwitch), have not shown any compatibility issues with the FileMaker 10 platform.

AutoSender 2.5 also seems to work fine with FileMaker Server 10, although we'll be providing a small update that will integrate a new JDBC driver by February.

Clip Manager 3 does have some issues for people trying to 'Get' or 'Set' a custom function with FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced. We will be releasing version 3.1 later this month. This version will also provide a number of other fixes.

We also recently found issues (unrelated to FM10) when using the 'Copy to Clip Manager' function on Brian Dunning's CF web site. Starting with a certain build of Flash 9 and all builds of Flash 10, the copying no longer works. We are currently working on a fix and hope to provide it by next week (actually, we already fixed it today).

PrinterSwitch 1.7.2 released

Friday, August 8th, 2008

We just released a maintenance update for our PrinterSwitch plug-in.


Version 1.7.2 fixes a Windows-only issue: it was reported that on some rare Windows XP installations the plug-in could cause a crash at FileMaker startup. The issue has been fixed in this release.

New version 1.7.1 of PrinterSwitch plug-in

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

We just released version 1.7.1 of our PrinterSwitch plug-in.
PrinterSwitch is a FileMaker Pro 9 (and 7/8/8.5) plug-in for Windows and Macintosh that allows you to easily control printer switching from within your FileMaker solutions.
This new version fixes the PrSw print-to-PDF functionality on MacOS X Leopard.


How to use the PrinterSwitch plug-in in a multi-user environment

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

If you want to use PrinterSwitch in a multi-user environment, you may want to store printer information on a per user basis.

logo PrSw

We're pleased to provide 2 examples of how to implement this in a solution.

  1. The first lets you assign a specific printer per user for a number of predefined printer setups (e.g. laser printer, a label printer etc)
  2. The second example is Windows-only and uses the Capture & Restore functions on Windows to capture complete setups along with yor printer selection

Any feedback is obviously appreciated.

Download the examples here.