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Determining the internal date format

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


Last week I had an interesting discussion with Kevin Frank.
We were trying to figure out what would be the best way to insert or update dates when using the myFMbutler DoSQL plug-in.


Enhanced Changelogs with DoSQL

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

For this week's blog article, we want to extend a special thanks to Kevin Frank and Dave Walton who sent us the example.

When using DoSQL to create a ChangeLog of your records, you want to avoid creating log records when nothing has actually changed.

The trick is to prevent DoSQL from firing unless you want to log a change... take a look at the example and check the validation on _K in the Data table... basically, if the parent sees that nothing has changed since the last corresponding ChangeLog record was created, then doSQL won't trigger.


Note that if you have no ChangeLog record for a given parent record, then it will be created *regardless* of which parent field you edit, but... once you have at least one change log record for a given parent, then any "don't log" fields will be respected.

The thing I like about this technique is that ChangeLog records will be created when a Replace is performed and when parent records are imported.

DoSQL ChangeLog Example

DoSQL Plug-in download

New DoSQL 1.2 allows for more universal SQL calculations

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

We just released version 1.2 of our DoSQL plug-in.

This new version provides a new function:

mFMb_DoSQL_QuoteField( fieldname )

The function converts "FileMaker-style" syntax like my Table::my Field to SQL syntax like "my Field" (with quotes). The nice thing about this is that it allows you to double-click a field to insert it in a calculation.


Combined with FileMaker Pro 10’s new ‘GetFieldname’ function, this allows you to make the SQL statements much more universal.

Download this example for more details on how this can be used (make sure you have version 1.2 of the DoSQL plug-in installed)

Although the use of spaces in field names is not recommended, this solution will continue to function properly if you do use spaces.

Download DoSQL 1.2

myFMbutler products and FileMaker 10 compatibility

Friday, January 9th, 2009

We wanted to give everyone an update on the compatibility status of our products with FileMaker 10:

Initial testing of our plug-ins (DoSQL, DoScript, PrinterSwitch), have not shown any compatibility issues with the FileMaker 10 platform.

AutoSender 2.5 also seems to work fine with FileMaker Server 10, although we'll be providing a small update that will integrate a new JDBC driver by February.

Clip Manager 3 does have some issues for people trying to 'Get' or 'Set' a custom function with FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced. We will be releasing version 3.1 later this month. This version will also provide a number of other fixes.

We also recently found issues (unrelated to FM10) when using the 'Copy to Clip Manager' function on Brian Dunning's CF web site. Starting with a certain build of Flash 9 and all builds of Flash 10, the copying no longer works. We are currently working on a fix and hope to provide it by next week (actually, we already fixed it today).

DoSQL 1.1 just released

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

We just released an update to our DoSQL plug-in.


We added a couple of new functions:

  • DoSQL_LastErrNum, DoSQL_LastResult and DoSQL_LastSQL are three new functions that will make it easier to add improved error trapping to your DoSQL solutions
  • We added a "VersionAutoUpdate" function that was recently agreed upon by a group of FileMaker plug-in developers - the purpose of this function is to provide a unified way to use FMS AutoUpdate in your solutions.

    More information about DoSQL is available on the product page.

    Download the latest update here.

  • A spotlight-like Portal Filter with DoSQL Plug-in: Part III

    Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

    In the previous posts about this topic, we created a spotlight-like portal filter with the DoSQL plug-in.
    Last time we created a custom function to simplify the implementation.
    This time we will enhance that custom function so you can implement a spotlight-like portal filter in your solution without the need of any SQL knowledge.


    Display a running clock using DoSQL & conditional formatting

    Monday, November 12th, 2007

    This is a simple example that demonstrates how to use conditional formatting with the myFMbutler DoSQL plug-in in order to display a running clock in FileMaker.

    This example requires that the DoSQL plug-in be installed. You can download DoSQL here.

    Download the Clock example

    A spotlight-like Portal Filter with the DoSQL plug-in – part II

    Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

    Portal Filter

    A couple of weeks ago, we showed you how to create a spotlight-like portal filter using the DoSQL plugin. At the same time it was an example of how you can implement an OR relationship, without overloading your database with complex calculations.
    This time we are going to expand the demo with a powerful search option.


    A spotlight-like Portal Filter with the DoSQL Plug-in – part I

    Tuesday, September 11th, 2007


    Portal filters are sometimes tough to create. Some combinations are almost impossible to establish with standard FileMaker functionality.

    In the following example we will show you how you can implement a spotlight-like portal filter with the myFMbutler DoSQL plug-in.